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Screen Goo is a specially formatted line of paint products designed for the Video Projection Industry.

Goo turns a smooth paintable surface into a high performance projection screen of any size or shape.

Goo paint products are ideal for Home Cinema, Educational or Simulation Industries for Front or Rear 2D or 3D  projection.

Goo front projection can be rolled or sprayed , with the correct primer, onto concrete, plaster, ply, mdf, metal, fibre glass etc.

Goo rear projection is sprayed directly onto glass or acrylic.

Goo is a water based 'non hazardous' acrylic paint with some of the lowest VOC in the market.

Features include:

  1. Colour uniformity

  2. Choice of gain with minimal hot spotting

  3. Leading horizontal and vertical off-axis viewing

  4. Depth to your image

  5. Maximise contrast without crushing the blacks.

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Screen built with ply and joined with solvent free compound, then coated with primer and Goo High Contrast. Visit their website and see all the other locations for a night out with a view.

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