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Goo Basic White or Basic Grey

Goo Basic White or Basic Grey

All prices exclude VAT @ 20%

(VAT registered companies inside the EU 'excluding the UK', or any country outside the 'UK and EU', email for a Pro forma without VAT).

Coverage 5 SqM per 1 Ltr

"Basic" requirements for a projection screen are correct colour, uniform reflectivity, and resolution. Goo Basic and a suitable projector will produce a bright, detailed colour correct image, equally visible to every audience member. The main difference between Goo Basic and Goo V2 is the depth of image which is visible with Goo V2. Where depth of image is not a consideration - spreadsheets in a boardroom or classroom or hymn lyrics in a church and other similar text-based and simple graphics applications just don't require the sophistication of a full blown Screen Goo installation.

Should your projection needs evolve, a Goo Basic Screen can be upgraded to a fully-fledged Screen Goo surface with the addition of a suitable Screen Goo V2 coat directly onto the Basic surface.

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