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Which Goo for my Projector

To determine the most suitable Screen Goo coating for any project, consideration needs to be given to Image Size, Projector Light Output, Ambient Light Levels and Content. 

You can work out your LUX levels for your project and are welcome to email for a sanity check on your calculations.

Typical pairing of Goo with a usage:

Reference White gain of 1.0: used for classrooms, to enhance a dull image, and where the Interior Designer says it has to be white

High Contrast gain of 0.85: used for lecture halls, museums and home cinema when the room is not blacked out or dedicated to home cinema. and visitor attractions.

Max Contrast gain of 0.70: used for blended simulators, dedicated home cinema and commercial cinema and dark visitor attractions.

Theme Park gain of 0.40: used for dark rides, night clubs.

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