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Goo V2 Acrylic Premier Primer

Goo V2 Acrylic Premier Primer

Price excludes VAT @ 20%


Screen Goo 100% Acrylic Premier Primer (GAP) is a non-toxic, acrylic, water-based primer. It is suited for priming all porous surfaces such as drywall, plywood, plaster and masonry. Our primer is 100% acrylic and contains no PVA (poly vinyl acetate), which are found in most off-the-shelf primers.  We discovered that PVA react to UV which can result in discolouration, compromising the performance of Screen GOO.  

Main Benefits: Minimal texture - essential for 4K projectors.

No yellow tint, from the UV projector lamps, degrading polymers over the years.

Please note that GAP is NOT a replacement for Urethane Modified Acrylics (UMA) for non-traditional and solvent-based surfaces. It is NOT to be used on metal, fibreglass etc please email details of your projects fo a recommendation on your substrate.

  • Coverage 7.5 SqM per 1Lt

    Normal freshly plastered surface requires:

    • First coat 50:50 with water as the mist coat
    • Second coat neat or up to 7.5% water.


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