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Goo Classic Max Con +20 pair 2Lt gain 0.85

Goo Classic Max Con +20 pair 2Lt gain 0.85

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Goo Classic +20 is highly reflective for a mid grey finish.

Goo is a non hazardous water based acrylic paint.

This product can be rolled with a gloss roller or sprayed.

The finish coat is best applied with a HVLP spray gun.

 Goo Max Contrast is a mid grey in colour. Keeping colour uniformity with a highly diffusive screen which works well on all projectors including Ultra Short Throw and 4K projectors.

Often used in simulators, cinema in non dedicated rooms and museums where black levels are increased with contrast.

Recommended coverage allows for 5SqM per 1Lt with 2 base coats followed by two finish coats over a white primer with no solvents.

  • 0.85 gain
  • Two bottle solution
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