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Goo HE & Silver 3D Holo inc

Goo HE & Silver 3D Holo inc

All prices exclude VAT at 20%


Goo silver 3D paint is a non hazardous water based acrylic paint

Coverage is just under 4 SqM per Lt

Sold as a 2 bottle solution with a Goo undercoat included in the attached price.


Goo UltraSilver 3D - Spray only application

Non-depolarizing silver passive 3D surface with a 2.4 gain

12 degree half gain angle

Suggested for use passive polarized 3D projection systems, and spraying onto mesh for a holographic effect


Goo High Extinction Ultra Silver 3D - Spray only application

Non-depolarizing, high extinction passive silver 3D projection surface

4.2 gain. Minimises cross talk especially on incidences of straight lines.

14.5 degree half gain angle

Suggested for use in rooms with variable ambient  light levels

Recommended for installations with > 20 Lumen per square foot of available projector light

Features exceptional colour accuracy and image depth


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