GooPaint with Tray, Roller  Flock and Masking Tape Kit

GooPaint with Tray, Roller Flock and Masking Tape Kit

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Goo is a non hazardous water based acrylic paint.

This product can be rolled with a gloss roller or sprayed.

Keeping colour uniformity with a highly diffusive screen which works well on all projectors including Ultra Short Throw and 4K projectors.


In the box 500ml primer, 1Lt Goo Topcoat, Roller Tray, Roller Arm, 2 Roller Heads, 250ml Ultra Black with foam stick applicator, Flock Tape and Quick Release Tape.


Choice of Goo Basic White or Goo Basic Grey @ £192.00 including VAT


Goo V2 Reference White, High Contrast, Max Contrast. @£294.00 including VAT

  • Coverage 5SqM per Lt

    Allows for two coats.

    Water up to 5% can be added for a smoother texture.

  • Kit Includes

    Reference White 1Lt & Premier Primer 500ml

    2 roller heads and a roller arm and a tray

    Masking tape, self adhesive 2" wide black flok tape.

    250ml Ultra black and applicator