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How to apply Goo front projection paints by Spray Gun

Do read the 'application by roller' section first.

Familiarity with your spray gun is more of an issue than the type of spray gun used.

Do not use a cheap garden fence sprayer.

Good results can be obtained by using an average quality HVLP  (High Volume Low Pressure) spray gun.

A favourite is a Graco TurboFource 9.5 with a 140 needle.


Before you spray, clean the spray gun with water – if you previously had a solvent paint in it, dismantle and thoroughly clean the spray gun. Clean the spray gun on each change of paint. Godliness is cleanliness with the spray gun. 

The Goo V2 comes as a one bottle solution. You need to put on 2 coats. Don’t be tempted to spray 1 thick coat, as your image may hot spot. Do make sure the expensive pigments get released from the bottom of the bottles. Best way is to empty the bottle in a container and then add 5% water to the bottle and shake. Add to the container and mix.

While setting up the spray gun on a cardboard box or whatever, if the spray gun splutters, add water.
Take a note of how much water you are adding for diluting subsequent bottles. Then you wont need to adjust your gun with each bottle refill. Make sure each coat dries before following with the next coat.

When the sprayed surface has uniformly lightened, its ready for the next coat. If there is a dark patch – don’t go over it – it is there because too much paint went onto that patch.
Leave it alone and it will dry light.

Stand back and look at the substrate to make sure plasterboard joins and other imperfections have been remedied. Then stand next to the screen and look across it to ensure all is flat and even. If there is an imperfection the Goo will hide it until the projector is turned on, and then its visible again. Apply primer with a mist coat of  Goo Premier Primer or a cheap contractors matt white emulsion 50:50 with water.

Goo is an acrylic paint and could blister over time if its applied over a solvent. If your substrate has a solvent issue use a water based stain stopper like Zinsser Bulls Eye 1,2,3.

Apply the second primer coat which may need some water adding - at least 5% with Goo Premier Primer.

When dry add the first coat of Goo V2 with 5% water or more.
When dry add the second coat of Goo V2
If you have applied too thin - put on a third coat.
Better to apply too thin then too thick.

Keep one wet working edge and the height of handling the spray gun should be no more than about shoulder height, 
if this is not possible have a handy hop up or a moveable scaffold tower or similar, but spend some time thinking about the logistics of man power (in case you need 2 or more sprayers and a man moving the tower) and what other equipment you may need.

If you are spraying inside a sphere or dome or similar, 
you may need gentle blowers/conditioners to keep an air flow for your selves and the drying paint. Remeber spray dust will fall, so when possible start at the top and work your way down.

A car body sprayer with a clean gun would make it all look easy. So will a sprayer who decorates.
A decorator who sprays needs to get familiar with the combination of Goo and his gun.

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